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On the South Canol Road, Yukon

12 August 2010 - Thursday afternoon

Please go to my previous page to see the morning's events on the Alaska Highway.

Our first stop on the South Canol Road was this rest area that is just a few hundred metres from the Alaska Highway. There are signs with historical info.

Rest area at the start of the South Canol in Yukon
This rest area marks the start of the South Canol Road and has signage with historical information

Signs at the South Canol Road rest area
The north end of the rest area on the South Canol Road near the Alaska Highway

Historical Truck at Canol Road Rest Area in Yukon
The old trucks are interesting and well-embedded into the landscape

The old vehicles are interesting. Apparently these were all abandoned along the Canol route. 

Historical Truck at Canol Road Rest Area in Yukon
Steve figured this one was beyond repair, but he still checked it out!

There are also numerous signs to inform visitors of the history of the Canol Road. 

Information Sign at the South Canol near the Alaska Highway
Information sign about the historical significance of the Canol Road

After lunch, reading and exploring, it was time to head northward on the South Canol. 

Signs at the start of the South Canol Road
The signs make it clear that travellers are on their own until Ross River

The road was in good shape for a dirt road through the middle of nowhere. We drove the road in September 2007 and didn't expect any problems towing the fifth wheel through, especially with sunny skies. 

View northward on the South Canol Rd at km 14
Northbound on the South Canol at about km 14

The topography is flat on the south end of the Canol. Lots of marshes and creeks!

km 14 on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Meadow Creek alongside the South Canol Road at about km 14

The landscape has rolling hills with some steep grades descending to and from creek beds. Nothing too serious; slow & easy does it!

km 29 on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Descending towards Murphy Creek near km 29 on the South Canol

Road signs are posted, but aren't always in the best of shape! 

km 43 on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Heading down the hill towards Evelyn Creek at km 43

And be prepared for one-lane bridges with plank decks. Not too much of an issue as there isn't too much opposing traffic!

km 43 on the South Canol Road in Yukon
Northbound on the one lane bridge crossing Evelyn Creek at km 43 on the South Canol

About 50 km up the South Canol the GPS showed a turn off that I had waypointed as having potential for a side-trip. The road was narrow and steep, so I hiked down while Steve waited. There was a truck camper in the lakeside spot. I asked if we could join them. No problem, they said. So I radioed Steve and gave him the go-ahead to start the slow crawl down to the lake's edge.

The lake was absolutely lovely!

At Sidney Lake in Yukon on the South Canol Road
View of Sidney Lake along the South Canol Road

Steve disappeared for some fishing in his kayak. This time a 10-lb northern pike took him for a ride. Steve let the pike pull him around for a while, until it was tired. Then he paddled to shore and literally wrestled the 37-inch long pike into his kayak! Pike are notorious for biting, wrestling and being tough on fishing line!

Steve and 10 lb Northen Pike from Sidney Lake on South Canol Road
Steve and the Northern Pike that pulled his kayak around Sidney Lake

No tall fish tales being told either!

Northern Pike 37 inches long caught by Steve Thomas
37 inch Northern Pike getting ready for supper

After enjoying a nice supper of grilled pike, we readied both kayaks and headed out for the evening with Tazz joining us. It was a lovely evening. The sun was shining and the sky clear. A great way to end the day in a beautiful spot!

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